Welcome to Rotary Club of San Marino's
'Story of the Centennial Clock'

The Centennial Clock was donated by the Rotary Club of San Marino to the San Marino community as a gift in
honor of the 100th Anniversary of Rotary International in 2005 and dedicated on July 4, 2005.

This is the story of the Centennial Clock project.  How the project was conceived, the design process, the fundraising,
work site preparations, time capsule, and dedication day ceremonies.

Save the date ---- July 4, 2039 for the unsealing of the Time Capsule in celebration of the 100th Anniversary Year
of the founding of the Rotary Club of San Marino.

We hope you enjoy this story and we'll see you in 2039!

Len Therrien, Chair                    
Jack Hamilton, Photography
Greg Thompson, Clock Company Laision
Wayne Carter, Time Capsule

Dennis Kneier, Fundraising
Gene Orlowsky, Fundraising
Steven Schultz, Project Construction

The Executive Committee for the Centennial Clock Project, April 2008



The Centennial Clock -- the story of
the project from start to finish

Fundraising -- how the Club raised
the funds for the project

The Time Capsule -- all about how
the time capsule was created

Photos and Movies -- complete
visual story of the project

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