I’ve arrived safely in Cambridge and am getting acclimated!  I had dinner with Irene Childrey, my Rotary host last night, and it was
lovely to have a Rotarian to meet with, her club sounds very similar to the San Marino Club. I had my first day of orientation today, and otherwise just working on unpacking and meeting people.

I’ve attached two photos to this email, one with Irene at dinner last night and the other from our Matriculation Ceremony Sunday which marks the start of term (in formal black robes just like Harry Potter!!)

I have created a blog which I will send to you in the next week or so to distribute to your club and anyone else who might be interested!

I will be speaking at the Cambridge Sawston club (my host club) on the evening of November 1st and on the night of October 12th have a Cambridge Rotary meet and greet with all of the other student scholars! So great to have this community to look after me and introduce me to fascinating people from all over the world!

Just wanted to let you know things are going smoothly!