The India Dialysis project provides dialysis equipment to the health center operated by Shree Sant Jinda Kalyan Charitable Trust in Panipat, India. This organization has experience operating a dialysis unit at their facility in Surat, India. This project meets Rotary’s focus on disease prevention and treatment.

Kidney disease has been identified as the sixth fastest growing cause of death globally, estimated at 1.7 million people each year. About 8 million people in India are reported to be suffering from chronic kidney disease. In the city of Panipat, the number of patients on regular maintenance dialysis is estimated to be over 200. Those needing emergency dialysis are even higher. The city has about 40 dialysis machines, 15 in the government sector and 25 in the private sector to take care of the increasing demand for the procedure. The number of beneficiaries for this project is estimated at 35 to 75 per week, mostly patients below the poverty level, with the average age of over 50. There will be no charge for patients below the poverty line, while the others will pay a nominal fee of about US$4 per visit.

The total cost of the project is US$42,000 with funding from the Panipat Royale and San Marino Rotary clubs, their respective Rotary districts and The Rotary Foundation.

Technical Data Haemodialysis Machine 4008 S